Services Provided

Services Provided

Providing individual, couples and family counseling.

Treatment experience includes:

    • Depression and Anxiety
    • Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder
    • Domestic Violence
    • Christian Counseling
    • Secular Counseling
    • Physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse
    • Inner Healing
    • Couples Counseling
    • Family Counseling
    • Parenting Support
    • Grief Counseling
    • Work and Career issues
    • Stress Management
    • Addiction & Recovery
    • Conflict Resolution

Sometimes we need to:

Remember feelings come and go-it will get better!
Be challenged or confronted.
Process trauma and heal.
Be silent.
Get medication.
Find our voice.
Learn to value.
Be a squeaky wheel.
Shake it off.
Be present.
Tell our story.
Walk in love.
Speak the truth gently.
Learn to hear what another is unable to say.
Be forgiven.
Choose to love.
Smile at someone.
Extend Grace.
Have a quiet time.
Learn to say no.
Pursue Wisdom.
Speak life.
Be heard.
Be seen.
Be valued.
Cultivate a thankful heart.
Give permission.
Develop better boundaries.
Show respect.
Have mercy.
Be a peacemaker.
Do something new.
Make friends.
Just be kind.
Help out.
Consider that while life is uncertain, it is also precious, and worth living.
Cherish what is Holy.
Eat healthy.
Sleep more.
Give a hug or get one.
Make a change.
Believe in someone.
Be polite.
Bring a gift.
Make room in our hearts.
Mention what is lovely.
Look within.
Say nice things.
Hold someone who is hurting.
Choose life!
Be disciplined.
Be responsible.
Be proactive.
Receive love.
Lay our weapons down.
Be vulnerable.
Right a wrong.
Remember what is true.
Hang out with different people.
Walk it out.
Just say thank you.
Go to AA.
Get out of our head.
Be a friend.
Consider someone less fortunate.
Reach out.
Figure out what we need...

When it seems impossible to do what needs to be done, and…you need a little help...give me a call, or shoot me off a text and we'll talk!

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